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Cindycut International Inc. sells Hair Wholesale to the Licensed Hair Stylist. As a wholesale stylist you may purchase wholesale hair weave products from us via the internet or by phone. As a wholesale weave supplier we do our best to ship your orders within 24 hours unless you are ordering custom hair systems. Below is our exclusive electric weave machine is a must for any hair stylist who wants to help their hair loss clients. We have a seminar training DVD available. Our Wholesale Hair Weave products are also shown below.

Cindycut International complete hair replacement business set up kit.

This kit is complete with all the hair replacements supplies needed to start your own hair replacement business.



The Cindycut machine is working very well. It is what they call a 'cable weave' where the track is made with two spools of fishing line type stuff where the client's natural hair is interwined in such a way where a track is made. The DVD that comes with the thing explains it very well.

The machine is electric which means the spools of cable always will have even and consistent tension as you weave. For those of you who have use a manual cable weave machine, you know how much harder it makes it to keep even tension in your cables without the electric conponent.

The only thing that takes to be aware of is that the tension can be very tight as you weave, so it is necessary to press very firmly against the person's head to avoid them getting their hair yanked.

I give it a 'thumbs up' as for as weaving systems go.  "hairboutique forum"

Hair Weaver

'Buy My Hair Weaver'

Taking the place of cornrow braids for popular hair weaves, this innovative machine helps you do your work in half the time while keeping the track extremely small & less detectable! Great for Women of all color who wear hair weaves or full cap lace front wigs, custom hairpieces or integration hairpieces. This machine helps wholesale Stylists weave a circle track on the top of the clients head, or wherever is needed, then a hairpiece is sewn onto these tiny tracks. Your hairpiece then becomes a part of you, like a Prosthesis. Replaces cornrow braids to sew in hair extension wefts on a track. Using our machine is just one of the several attachment methods Cindycut teaches you on our new 98 minute Training Video with 7 live models...

DVD trainer

Hair Replacement Education & Training on Video/DVD

Buy wholesale hairpieces and learn fitting and cutting on our 98 minute education video. Cindycut teaches wholesale Stylists all aspects of the Hair Replacement Industry, including hair extensions, Integration Hairpieces, full cap lace front wigs, soft & hard bond attachment methods, and more. Wholesale Stylists learn everything you need to know to make custom hair replacement work for you. Instead of attending expensive hair replacement seminars, learn on video and become a Hair Replacement Specialist affordably in the comfort and convenience of your home or salon...More